Download MiniLyrics for Windows 7/8/10 FREE (Floating Lyrics on Desktop!)

Hey All, In this Video We will be looking at MiniLyrics for PC. It works on Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

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Description: MiniLyrics is a small plugin for a variety of different music players. The service displays lyrics to your favorite songs whilst they are playing.

Official Link:

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Additional Information:

Music: Birdseye house
Screen Recording Software: ZD Soft Screen Recorder
Video Editing and Uploading: Wondershare Filmora
OS: Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview 64-bit Build 14271
My Internet Bandwidth: 5Mbps Uploads and Downloads
My Laptop Model: Asus Notebook X550LD with 4GB Ram, 2GB Graphics (Nvidia) and 1TB Storage

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• Totally Free. 100% Working. Very Easy. Configurable Very Easily.
• No Virus. No Malware. No Surveys.
• Works like a Charm Without any Problems 🙂


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