INSANE Town Hall 9 (TH9) TROPHY Base 2018!! New BEST TH9 Base Design/Layout/Defense Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 (TH9) Trophy/War Base Design/Layout/Defense | TH9 Defense 2018 | Clash of Clans TH9 Trophy Base | COC Th9 Trophy Base | Town Hall 9 Trophy Base COC | TH9 Anti 3 Star Base Design | Town Hall 9 Anti 2 Star Base Layout | Clash of Clans Best Th9 Trophy Base Design | Clash of Clans New Town Hall 9 Trophy Base Layout | Cash of Clans TH9 Defence/Defense 2018 | Clash of Clans Best Town Hall 9 Trophy Base 2018! – KinG Gam3r

This Base is Designed to Defend against a lot of different Powerful Attack Strategies (Attack Strats) at Town Hall 9 [TH9]. These Th9 Attacks Include GoHo (Golems,Hogs), GoHoBo (Golems,Hogs,Bowlers), GoValk (Golems,Valks/Valkyries, GoVaHo (Golems,Valks, Hogs), GiHi (Giant,Healer), GoWitches (Golems,Witches), Lavaloon (Lava Hounds,Balloons/Loons), Lavaloonion (Lava Hounds,Balloons,Minions), Mass Drags (Dragons), DragLoon (Dragons,Balloons), Queen Walk, Queen Charge and Many More Top TH9 Attack Strategies (Army Compositions)! This makes the Base ANTI 3 STAR, Anti 2 Star, Anti GoHo, GoHoBo, GoValk, GoVaHo, GiHi, GoWitches, Lavaloon, Lavaloonion, Mass Drags, DragLoon, Queen Walk, Queen Charge! Which means the Base Design can also be used In War as a War Base Layout! Don’t forget to Subscribe for more Clash of Clans Bases, Attack Strategies, Tips and Tricks and much more! 🙂

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