SPOILER ALERT – Blade and Soul KR – Act 9 English – Complete Story Quest with All Cinematics

First of all, SPOILER ALERT! If the title wasn’t enough.
If you watch this video you might regret watching it. Turn back now!
Still here? Good. The first 2 chapter is still in Korean language, so left those out from this video. If you want to watch the first two chapter, i already made a video about the Korean version earlier.
Link :

Important Note : The cutscenes were still Korean language, so i had to do my homework and translate those by myself.
If there is any mistake i made during translations feel free to blame me for it. Note that this isn’t the official translation for the cutscenes so they may change in the future.

The first Two chapter is all about the main protagonist receives a letter which include an invitation to the emperess’s banquet.
Boarding a ship to the new area. After the main protagonist and it’s disciples are arrive on the new area, they find out that Ryu is there and he does not remember anything from it’s own past.
In the middle of the banquet a drunk person makes a scene so the guards have to force him to leave, and at this point chapter 2 basically ends.

I tried to keep this video as short as possible. I only edited fight scenes out.

Official site (KR) :

Official site (EN) :

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English Patch :

PS : It might contains a little bit of frame drop here and there, but i tried my best to edit the shit out of this video.

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